The Church of Reason has established libraries and set them apart for the education and enjoyment of our members, dedicated to its several proper and sacred uses, including (but not limited to), specifically:

First, the contents of the Church library are chosen by Church members, for Church members (and visitors), in the light of the shared outlook and interests of the members, and includes bibles and books of other religions as information to aid members and visitors in making reasoned choices;

Second, the library content is not subject to adverse selection by persons having views hostile to reason;

Third, access days and times are chosen solely by the Church and its members;

Fourth, materials may be secured and/or preserved which government libraries -- commonly called "public" libraries -- may never obtain or may withdraw or discard due to lack of use, mere age, or other criteria, tending to deny access to information needed to make reasonable choices; and

Fifth, the privacy of users and borrowers is maintained.

And the Church of Reason library is dedicated--

To the service of children, that thoughts of truth may be planted in their minds, leading them to greater knowledge and thus happier lives;

To the parents who may use the materials as tools in helping their children shape their lives;

To the youth, that their zeal may be seasoned with wisdom; that their choices, in all human relationships, may be made in harmony with nature; and that they may increasingly develop in discernment of the true and the false so that they may be better able to reject the false and accept the true as they advance from youth to maturity; and

To the edification of all residents who live within the confines of the community as well as Church of Reason members, that it may be as a spring of freely-flowing, living water, satisfying minds thirsting for knowledge; as a beacon, set high upon a moral and intellectual pinnacle, directing the hearts of all who see it glow in paths of peace, understanding and good will.

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