The Church of Reason has established a sanctuary and set it apart for the worship of the noble human spirit through our actions based upon the exercise of our reason, dedicated to its proper and sacred uses. Specifically, the Church of Reason sanctuary is dedicated--

For the worship of the noble human spirit through the pursuit of knowledge;
For the teaching of Reason, Purpose, and Self-Esteem;
For the celebration of life-cycle events.
For the comfort of all who may be struggling or who mourn;
For strength to those who endeavor to achieve;
For light to those who seek knowledge and achievement.

For the enhancement of family life;
For teaching and guiding the young;
For the perfecting of our moral strength;
For the harboring of devotees of reason;
For the promotion of the sacredness of reason;
For the extension of the Noble Human Spirit.

To individual self-sustaining productivity;
To an honorable honestly in all things;
To devotion to our individual integrity.
To the realization of irreplaceable independence;
To ever rendering justice to all;
To the achievement of lives deservingly lived with pride.

In the unity of rationality;
In the bonds of mutual respect and affection;
In respect and good will to all who reason.
In gratitude for the labors of all who love and serve this Church;
In loving remembrance of those who have finished their course;
In recognition of and appreciation for our capacity to achieve happiness on earth, through reason.

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